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eService Portal User Guide - Contains Frequently asked questions regarding the eService Portal

Login Information

What is the login procedure for a New User?

Select the "New User Registration" tab on the Login Page.  Enter your email address in the User-ID field and click Register.  A new user profile form will be displayed.   Complete the form and submit it.

When creating a password, the minimum size for the Password is Six-characters Alpha-Numeric.  Passwords are case-sensitive and can be entered in either upper case, lower case, or in combination.

Note: Some clients and all Unisys employees have their email addresses pre-loaded.   If you are in this category, you do not need to perform a New user Registration request.

Once set-up as a User, you can now "Register for Entitled Services." Entitled Services provide access to restricted areas. You must have a valid service agreement with Unisys in order to be entitled.

How do I login after I've registered and been entitled?

From the login page, you are solicited for your UserID and Password.

Note: You are allowed up to three attempts, after which you are denied access.

What is a User Profile?

The "New User Registration Form" is the basis for your User Profile. It contains information such as your name, address, password, Email address, and entitlement information.

Your User Profile can be accessed from the "Profile Administration" tab after you have logged in.  You can edit those fields that require modification-for instance, your email address, phone number, or address.

Be sure to enter your Email address in the "Email Address" field, as there are several types of eSupport messages that may be forwarded to you. These include responses to Service Incidents and ALERT Customer Technical Bulletins (CTBs).

What happens if I forget my password?

From the login page, click on the "Need Help Logging in" link.    Enter your email address and click "Get a new Password".   A new password will be generated and emailed to you.  It is highly recommended that you change your password once you have logged in.

Portal Password Reset Instructions