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Welcome to Unisys Global Infrastructure Services. This web portal provides Unisys' clients quick and easy access to Unisys services.


Users can also contact us via the Feedback link present in the "Home" Tab.


    United States and Canada     
    Europe, Middle East and Africa     
    Asia Pacific     
    Latin America and Caribbean        
Country Toll Free, Low Tariff Number

Australia 1800 176 505
New Zealand 0800 442 935
Singapore 800 4481 449
Indonesia 0018 03440813
Malaysia 1800 81 2931
Philippines 1800 1441 0233
Hong Kong 800 90 3152
China-Beijing 8610-85185486 (Dedicated)
China-Shanghai 8621-63758545 (Dedicated)
China-Guangzhou 8620-38780208 (Dedicated)

When calling the CRC please be ready to provide the following information
  • Customer number (also called Installed At Number or IA Number)
  • Customer name and address verification
  • Caller name and contact number
  • Product style
  • Serial number
  • Description of problem